Eat, Pray, Whaah? Part 2

A couple of days later an editor from Penguin Random House contacted me via email to work on the final draft. She was in New York, I was in California. She’d give me some suggestions and I’d write them in until the project was done.

The final copy was published in March of 2016.

Here is an exert from my essay: Making Peace With Myself.

In September of 2000, at the age of twenty – eight, I made what I thought would be the most important commitment of my life. After years of courtship ( I needed to be sure it was true love), I decided I was finally ready to take the leap. I was entering Roman Catholic seminary. I was going to be a priest.

I met a man at the start of my second year. He was handsome and we had many things in common, including love and devotion for our overbearing Hispanic mothers who dreamed of being able to say they had priest for sons. Soon, we discovered something else we shared, and that we were both trying to escape: homosexuality…

Manifesting FUN!

The whole process was a fun little adventure that all started with a prayer: “I want to do something fun!”

The Lord answered in a big way!

Happy Easter!

Sun Day Photo

I love Sunday mornings. There’s a collective energy that swirls around the neighbourhood. Everyone is in agreement to stay home and relax. No noise – just silence.

A big thank you to the last fifteen bloggers who chose to follow my blog over the last couple of weeks. I really appreciate you.

I recently attended a weekday wedding – the theme? Chicano Chic. Part of the entourage was this mid-century classic. I highlighted the color a with a filter but the beauty is still the same.

Chicano Lurve

Recently, I spent the weekend at Pechanga, a hotel and casino in the city of Temecula. The lobby fixtures were gorgeous. In the background, water cascaded down the red wall.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Iced Crystals

Eat, Pray, Whaah?! Part 1.

It all started on a cold windy night the first week of January 2014. As I peered out the window into the crisp dark air, I pulled the cotton blanket I received for Christmas closer to my skin…feeling the warmth of peace.

I felt gratitude: While I enjoyed a long winter break, I rested in the safety of a warm house far away from the normal stresses of life. But as blessed as I felt, I found myself still wanting. It wasn’t a material want, but a desire to manifest more. So I made a simple request: “Lord, I want to do something fun! Help me find something fun.”

The answer? Start a blog.

It was my first experience into the blogging world. What better way to get attention than hidden behind a screen in the safety of my own room. Even with all the layers of security, there was still a sense of vulnerability.

From a creative standpoint, I was able to express and design the blog exactly how I wanted. The layout of each post was simple: start with a bible quote (the Divine), write about a specific life experience (me), and end the post with a pop video (worldly). Very simple, very basic but it kept me inspired.

Throughout the journey, I blogged mostly about the past…processing it, crying over it, making fun of it…. Little did I know where an exercise in blind faith would lead.

In the summer of 2015, on a marine layered morning, having slept in way too long, I came across a Facebook post. Author Elizabeth Gilbert announced the upcoming 10th anniversary of her travel narrative Eat, Pray, Love. To commemorate the event, fans were asked to write on how the book impacted their life. The top fifty entries would win a place in a companion book entitled: Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It.

I didn’t hesitate. I’d done my own version of the retreat back in 2010. I submitted my version without a second thought. It was something fun and required minimal work. By August of 2015, I received an email confirming my place in the book. An editor from New York would soon contact me to begin the editing process.

I was floored.

Crank. Out. Content.

I reached a personal goal…content. I have no background experience as a writer or with professional blogging but I wanted to try something new. With a couple of short stories whirling around in my head, I decided to start with WordPress as a motivator.

My next step is to work with an editor to polish up each story for grammar, clarity and ideas. I’ll be using Fivver for the help. It’s fascinating what technology can help us create.

Here are the six stories I’d like to start with:

That Pink, Wavy, Elongated Tongue; The Grubb Twins; The Loneliness Cold; Mr. Patrone; The Ketchup Stain; That Boy; That Girl.

This part will take a bit of time, which is fine. Summer break is in about two months and I hope to have this project completed by then. All I can do now is open up my heart and allow the evolution process to begin.

Also a quick shout out to all the twenty – four followers who have taken the time to either follow or like my content…I really appreciate you.